GML4U is a GML library for Processing.
It helps you load, manipulate, display and save GML files.


Download and install the latest version of Processing from


Download the latest version from github at

Unzip it to the “libraries” folder located in your Processing sketchbook folder (where your sketches are usually saved) in a way that you end up with the following a folder structure:

    +-- libraries
        +-- GML4U
            +-- examples
            +-- library
            +-- reference
            +-- src

Test if your installation is correct

To do so, launch Processing and go to the Processing Examples (File > Examples).
Then select “Contributed Libraries > GML4U”.

Open the “GML4UBasic” sketch.
Run it (Sketch > Run).
You should see the GML4U logo.

If so, everything is fine and you can move forward.

If not, make sure that the default Processing sketch folder if the one where you copied the library (Processing > Preferences) and double-check the folder structure as decribed above.

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