Graffiti Analysis & GML @ Transmediale…

January 27, 2011

A new three channel installation of Graffiti Analysis will be on display in the Open Zone at Transmediale (Berlin) from Feb. 1 – 6. If you haven’t already voted for Graffiti Analysis & GML in the Open Web Award, please do so (very few people are voting, so every vote counts a lot). Thanks a lot to everyone that’s taken the time to vote!

In other GML / Transmediale related news, GRL Germany (of no formal connection to GRL or GML) will be presenting their SVG2BVG project as part of Open Design City’s ‘Make Your Own Market’ event in ‘The Open Zone‘. writes “SVG2BVG uses a custom software application to detect graffiti tags, and writes the ensuing shape directly to GCode file, allowing it to be sent to a laser cutter… then cuts it into a stencil, sized exactly for the screens on the Berlin U-Bahn. will be releasing GML complaint versions of SVG2BVG and a new Laser Tag shortly.

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