Project: Graffiti Analysis: Sculptures
Artist: Evan Roth

Graffiti Analysis: Sculptures is a series of new physical sculptures made from motion tracked graffiti data. New software (GA 3D) imports .gml files (Graffiti Markup Language) captured using Graffiti Analysis, creates 3D geometry based on the data and then exports a 3D representation of the tag as a .stl file (a common file format compatible with most 3D software packages including Blender, Maya and 3DS Max). Time is extruded in the Z dimension and pen speed is represented by the thickness of the model at any given point. This data is then 3D printed to create a physical sculpture that serves as a data visualization of the tag. The initial version of the project was a collaboration with an anonymous local Viennese graffiti writer, whose tags were motion captured at various locations around the city of Vienna.

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