Open source development wishlist.

Hackers are actively encouraged to get involved at any level. The following is just a brief list of Graffiti Analysis / GML related apps I would be particularly interested in seeing.

In general I would be very excited to see more hardware and software solutions for physically recreating GML tags in the city. Solutions that are cheap, fast and easy to setup are most useful. Existing physical GML experiments include 000000bot, PrintBall, Robotagger and GML Stenciler.

GML Field Recorder
This is a general wish for a small DIY device for recording GML data “in the field”. An ideal solution would be light, small, require little to no setup / calibration and attach easily to markers and spray paint cans with no wires. The current GAv2.0 Capture app can be used in conjunction with a web cam enabled laptop to record GML data in real time as can be seen in this video. The process, however, is far from ideal since it requires calibration, a laptop and an extra person to control the recording. A more elegant solution would allow graffiti writers to seamlessly record all of their tags in the city directly into GML files with minimal extra effort. Geo and time location would also be interesting to store, but would need secure encryption for obvious reasons. See the GML Field Recorder Challenge for details.

“Hello World” .gml data:
Graffiti writers, we need .gml files of “Hello World” being written in various handstyles for development testing. You can add “helloworld” to the keywords in the .gml file and upload them to 000000book.com, or just attach them in an email to me (evan (at) evan-roth (dot) com).

Graffiti Analysis Processing Port / WebGL
A port of the current version of the Graffiti Analysis 2.0 Playback Application in Processing and/or WebGL. The result could be integrated into 000000book.com to have Graffiti Analysis style playback in the browser.

~ Currently in development by XOR Media Lab. Anyone else moving forward on this let me know and I can put you in contact.

A fullscreen, web enabled, stand alone application (PC/MAC/LINUX) that plays back data from 000000book.com based on keywords. A user could download the application, run it, enter in a keyword and the application would playback all of the tags in the 000000book database containing that keyword. This functionality could be added to the existing Graffiti Analysis 2.0 Playback Application.

~ This has been implemented by ps / TPOLM, and will be available for download in the next release. It still needs a bit of frontend love, anyone interested in contributing on that please contact me directly (evan[at]evan-roth[d0t]com)

GML Image Renderer
turn GML files into a GIF/JPG/PNG thumbnail image we can use for all the missing thumbnails on http://000000book.com/data — this could be PHP or command-line or whatever else works! (From Jamie).
There’s some really basic PHP parsing code here: http://jamiedubs.com/wikis/blackbook/php
& other languages here: http://jamiedubs.com/wikis/blackbook/#codedrawing-javascript-flash-c-processing-etc

~ This has been implemented by Muharrem Yildirim, and is currently running on 000000book.com w/ help from Mr. Dubs. (source code here).

Developers interested in getting in touch please email me at info[at]graffitianalysis[dot]com

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